Art is for everyone

You see a piece of art. You like it, you hate it or maybe somewhere in between. Maybe it makes you wonder about something. Or it makes you angry. Maybe it raises questions you do not know the answer to. It might bring back memories, like that dreadfull Holiday in France or the beautifull view on your latest hike. It confronts you, inspires or fascinates you. Some are of course more interested in art than others, but we all get in contact with art. If you ask someone ‘What is art?’ you will get a million different answers. Some say art is just for the elite, but I don’t think that’s true. If you really look at art, you will see that you already know quite a lot, just by associates you have. That is the idea from which I build my courses and trips. I will ask questions. Make you look, get you involved. My trips and courses are leaner-based and accessible. With a lot of enthusiasm and humor I will put artworks into context and guide you eye over the canvas.

Do you really want to learn something?

You start a course because you want to learn something, I assume. You want to know more about a specific subject and learn skills. That only happens if you really are encouraged to think, make connections actively and really look. The teacher should ask the right questions. This is what a lot of art history courses miss. You really know more than you think. In my courses, I focus on ‘guided looking’, emphasize the important things and create a context. I can give you a theoretical frame, but the discussion or an experience, something that comes from you, will make sure that you actually learn. That is Art appreciation for everyone.

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