Beginners Course A Trip through Art History


Den Bosch
@Noordbrabants Museum


Thursday 19:30-21:00
(10 min break)


You can choose from 10 lessons.
Buy seperate lessons or all 10!


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Nice, another selfie with the Nightwatch

Unfortunately, this course is not yet available in English. Are you interested? Please contact me. 

You probably know the work The Nightwatch, painted by the Dutch Seventeenth century painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Maybe you have seen it on tv, in the paper or on a tourist’s t-shirt. Maybe you even went to the Rijksmuseum, saw the work, read the plate that accompanies the work and took a selfie to show the rest of the world how sophisticated you are, visiting museums and all. Or did you wonder why The Nightwatch is considered ‘a masterpiece’, and thought about how Rembrandt’s work fits in the history of art. The plates didn’t tell you that. What should you look at? And where do you start?

In the beginner’s course ‘A trip through art history’ you will find the answers to these questions. During the course, we will look at the different art historical styles and how they developed, but you will also learn to really look at art and how to visually analyze an artwork. The most important art historical styles will be discussed in a understandable language and in an interactive way. There’s room for discussion, questions and a drink.

You can choose to do the entire course or just certain modules. Maybe you really do not care about contemporary art, so you skip that. And even better: you don’t pay for it! You can choose to join the excursion to Amsterdam, or not. That way, you can adjust the course to both your field of interest and your wallet. That way, it’s possible for everyone to dive into the world of the art and experience all the beautiful works!


Unfortunately, this course is not yet available in English. Are you interested? Please contact me by mail or phone

  • 1 lesson € 28
  • 3 lessons € 82
  • 5 lessons € 132
  • 7 lessons € 179
  • 10 lessons € 250
  •  Excursion Rijksmuseum €15 (museum ticket not included)

Questions? Do not hestitate to contact me.


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